Modules and synthesizers 2014-2020.

Released, unreleased, sketches and mockups.

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Ett Instrument med Två Oscillatorer. 2023

The META. 2023.

Overlapping Voltage Source. 2019. Unreleased

Rundgång. Electroacoustic playgrand. 2021. Accepting pre-orders.

Recursive Machine. 2020. Expected summer 2020
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Nexted Vector Oscillator. 2019. Unreleased

Phase Distortion Converter. 2019. Unreleased

One unit enclosure. 2018. Unreleased

Idea for monitor. 2019. Sketch

Programmable Pulse Matrix. 2015. Summer/fall 2020 — MANUAL

Syncussion. 2017. Released

Two Thousand Six Hundred. 2014. Released

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